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Primary care at its best can improve the care experience, health outcomes, and overall healthcare spending.  But we know from experience that the ideal vision of primary care is difficult to achieve.

In most practices, wait times are long, providers are rushed, and medicine is increasingly complicated. However, despite the challenges, it is still possible for a practice to shine.

This blog will explore the joys and challenges of primary care. We’ll find examples of what’s working and what’s not — mostly in our own backyard here in Northeast Ohio, where Better Health Partnership engages a diverse network of more than 80 primary care practices in ongoing efforts to increase their impact on health and health care value.

About the author:

downloadDave Margolius is a primary care physician at MetroHealth System, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, and a member of the Better Health Partnership team. He previously worked at the Center for Excellence in Primary Care at University of California, San Francisco as a practice coach to help facilitate care delivery transformation with community health centers under the San Francisco Department of Public Health. He has lead annual sessions on team-based care at Institute for Healthcare Improvement conferences, designed and implemented curriculum to involve trainees in outpatient team-based care, and written and spoken extensively on the topic of primary care redesign. He moved back home to Cleveland, Ohio in the summer of 2015.


One thought on “About this Blog

  1. Many year ago my brother would go and donate his plasma for $20 to provide diapers and such things for his daughter. Drastic times calls for drastic measures. When someone is in a very tough situation, there is much you can turn to. With it being hard for him to find a job, this was the only other thing at the time he could turn to. Glad, there are some people that actually see want to see a different perspective of these poor communities and the things/sacrifices these persons have to do or make.

    Im in for a “BETTER” community…!


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